Survival 101: Bug Out Bags

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Learn how to build a disaster bag | blog at Extremely-Sharp on preparedness

None of us know exactly when disaster will strike or what disaster will come next. Whether it comes as Nuclear war, cialis 40mg
invasion, natural disasters or the zombie apocalypse – there are some basics you need to have ready to go.

Often called WSHTF (when-shit-hits-the-fan) bags or “Bug out Bags” – there are some basics you need to have on hand to have a chance at surviving disastrous situations. Extremely-Sharp is here to help equip you as well as inform you on what you need.

Fire starters light fires quickly and consistently | Get one at Extremely-Sharp

  • Fire Starter – Waterproof matches, lighters and lint are a few basic tools to create a fire. To make life easier, we at have Zippo lighters or an Aurora Fire Starter to make preparing your fire simple. 
  • Items to Help Hydration – Staying hydrated is vital for your own survival, but sometimes the water you find may not be the cleanest. Solution: Chlorine Bleach. 2 drops of bleach will purify every 1 quart of water. Don’t have a dropper? Pour the bleach in a cap and place a small strip of tissue in as well with a piece sticking out over the cap. The liquid will wick up through the tissue and drip over into the water. 
  • First aid for minor injuries | First Aid – Personalize your First-Aid kit according to what you need for your body/health. Example, if you suffer from arthritis, pack Aspirin/ Tylenol to help relieve flair ups. Be sure to pack general things to aid in severe or minor cuts and bruises. These inexpensive items will be invaluable when you need them.
  • Tools – Multi-Tools work wonders for you in the most dastardly situations. A Gerber Grappler is great to have for filleting fish and completing small task. Also, a short sword like a Machete is excellent for chopping firewood and for other uses as well. Packing a flashlight wouldn’t hurt either.

Basics in Survival plan include Hand Sanitizer - reason may surprise you. | Blog

  • Hygiene – Bacteria and fungus can accumulate on the body and can cause infections. Wet wipes and hand sanitizers help with keeping clean during Bug Out Situations.
  • Extras – Some other items like a compass, can opener, or even walkie-talkies can enhance your Bug Out Bag. Think outside of the box and leave ideas for others in the comments. 

We have just scratched the surface with this list. will have more informative blogs about survival through the year. We also recommend that you do research on your own.  You don’t just have to have one bag – you can make unique bags for different situations.

Let us know what all you are including in your bag in the comments below.

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