Interesting Camping Hacks

That you’ve probably never that of! These little tricks can make an already great camping trip even better. Part of the Extremely-Sharp Life involves tons of outdoor fun including hiking, clinic water sports, sales fishing, camping, and so much more- these small hacks can make a world of difference out in the wilderness.

1. Doritos work GREAT for kindling fire

Unfortunately, sometimes it can rain on your parade, or in this case, your tent… but don’t worry, a couple of nacho cheesey chips can get a fire going quickly, as Doritos make awesome fire starters.

2. Old Tic Tac containers to hold seasonings

…or use them for a mini tackle box.

Spices in Tic Tac Box- Camping Hacks

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3. Make a spoon out of a plastic bottle

Forgot silverware? No problem. Just watch this video to learn the handy little trick!

4. Keep toiletries on a lanyard

…for easy access when showering! Camping showers have to be quick so keep everything in one spot.

Toiletries on Lanyard- Camping Hacks

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5. Make cinnamon rolls over the fire

What could be better than s’mores? Campfire cinnabons. Yup. Use an orange peel to easily cook a cinnamon roll over a fire! Learn how here.

6. Oreos make the BEST s’mores

Okay, this isn’t exactly a trick, but try and Oreo on your s’more instead of graham crackers. You’ll thank me later.

Oreo S'mores- Camping Hacks

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7. Make a lantern by placing a phone light next to a gallon of water

This is a perfect way to use those unopened gallons of water you brought for brushing your teeth… until its time to open them of course!

Try these interesting camping hacks next time you’re out in the woods!

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