Battle of the Beards

You never shave a beard. ES knows the depth of this manliness. See more at

Men, dentist You have the great privilege – aye, web responsibility to gift the world with a manly beard.
Do not let the weight of manliness get you! Resist the urge to shave.

Go beard or go home, healing guys.

Don't shave. Be awesome. |

Beards take your seeming “laziness” and turn it into pure awesomeness.

Fact: bearded men make better lovers. | knives |

We begin with a basic truth: you never shave a beard… you just lose manliness. It was the great theologian, Jase Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) who said: “there are two kinds of people without beards – boys and women, and I am neither. ”

Beard truth from | the beard chooses you | humor facial hair MEME

Beard wisdom from | Humor blog on beard reverence |

“Beards carry with them a sense of reverence and wisdom… and crumbs.”  -the wizard beard Pick Up lines are not required with a mustache like this...


Men, you know the power of your mustache on ladies. They may protest, but they know it carries with it that attitude, and je-ne-sais-quoi they desire. When you rock a beard like these, pick up lines are unnecessary to life.


Speaking of awesome mustaches… there are a few different classes that your ‘stache can fall under. Lets explore the main 3 classes of handsome facial hair.


Beard humor from | The Tom Selleck mustache is thick, sexy and confident.
The Tom Selleck – Sexy & you know it. Bold enough for a Hawaiian shirt, but not too flashy. The Tom Selleck mustache is thick, sexy and confident. It is carried by a man who has a little swagger that radiates from his inner awesomeness.


Beard humor from | Sam Waters mustache | Shave Razor |

Never, ever bring a mustache to a beard fight. You’ll loose every time.


Next up is
The Sam Elliott – cowboy ‘stache that is at home on the range.   If you have a Sam Elliot mustache, you are big on style & anything but traditional.




Finally, we have
The John Waters – this is your non-traditional mustache that’s big on style. It answers to no one and doesn’t take any lip. It dominates in a way that few can pull off – but when you carry this level of swagger, few others can rock this level.

Help stop the violence on beards. Everyday the barbaric practice of shaving destroys millions of beards and mustaches. Lets put an end to that violence.
Will you join us in our fight?

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