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Be sharp. This blog is here to inspire you to do more than just take a photo from a river bank… but take your shoes off and jump in. We want to do more than “check the box” in life. You are here because you want to dive straight in to an exciting, heart pounding, what-will-happen-next kind of life.  That is what this community is all about & we are glad you’re here.



Extremely Sharp Life| Ready for adventures | Jeep trails are good rain or shine when seeking great adventures

Jeep trails. Mud. Dirt roads. Enjoying paths that few see.
For those of you joining us in a quest for the Extremely-Sharp Life… these words excite you. Join us as we prepare ourselves for a life full of incredible adventures.

Extremely Sharp Life - views like this are earned by those brave enough to explore

Views like this are earned by those brave enough to explore.  A photograph is nothing like the experience of hiking up a great peak, with no idea what view you will have and discovering something as majestic as this. There is a pride that comes with knowing you earned it, knowing you were courageous enough to take a risk. That moment is yours, the view and the mountain air are your reward.

Sometimes summer vacations seem out of reach… I mean, prothesis
I love to camp as much as the next guy, buy information pills
but a real vacation at least once a year, would be awesome. If you crave adventure, want to explore and wander a cruise may fit you better than you realize.  Cruising can be a great way to visit multiple countries on a budget.

There are many options, not only for sailing, but excursions as well!  The best part is that there’s something for everyone. In this blog, I’ll break down some of the most adventurous cruise excursions in some of the most exotic places in the world. (“Excursions” is just a fancy word for your day trips off the cruise ship.)

There are many options when it comes to water excursions. The choices are practically endless,

Snorkeling with Stingrays Off Island of Grand Cayman

Flickr | Barry Peters

from scuba diving to kayaking or rafting all the way to parasailing over the open ocean; but one of my favorite port adventures was snorkeling with wild stingrays off the coast of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. It’s one of the only places in the world that allows you to swim through beautiful coral reefs while surrounded by one of the oceans most calm yet exciting creatures.

Sting Rays in Grand Cayman

Flickr | Samantha Beddoes








This guided, catamaran tour is a must-do when visiting the island and is family friendly, so bring the whole gang!

Land excursions are adventurous too. Many Caribbean islands give you options including off-roading, horseback riding, helicopter tours, and more. One of the best land excursions I have experienced was climbing through the Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica. Not far from the brand new port in Falmouth, this cave tour is amazing!


Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica


The caves are home to a variety of animals, including over 150 different species of bats. (Some major parts of the Indiana Jones movies were filmed in the caves!)


Mayan Ruins in Tulum Mexico Overlooking Beautiful Gulf

Calling all history buffs… last but definitely not least, the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is a major tourist attraction in itself with some of the oldest structures in the world; you can climb to the top of one of the first civilizations there ever was. What’s even better? The ruins sit on a cliff over-looking the Gulf of Mexico. This is a must-see and will most likely be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Trust us.

Buildings in Tulum Mexico- Mayan Ruins

Many of the ships offer the same or similar excursions on board so don’t worry about finding something you’ll enjoy, there’s truly something for everyone, so start cruising for adventures and get outdoors this summer!

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