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I have been asked by many people: What are the basics rules when you are out in the wild?  Everybody has different rules. The following are more like tips than rules.  They have come from my own experience over the years.

Practice is important. There are a lot of arm chair survivalists out there. Knowledge has much more impact combined with practice. You won’t know what works and what does not work without practice. Being in the wild where your knowledge is life and death and is not the place to experiment.

Nature always knows more. This is important to remember. Always keep learning. You will never know all there is to learn. You vs Nature…. Nature wins every time.

Respect the wild. Respect all things, page whether they are living or not. There is a balance to nature. Everything in the wild has a purpose, a use. What belongs to nature should be returned to nature. What does not belong to nature should not be left in nature. As the backpackers say Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Alabama Mockingbird

Alabama Mockingbird

Respect your resources. Resources are always limited. As abundant as nature appears, don’t take advantage, take only what you need and leave the rest for others.

Avoid risk. Weigh the risks and look at the possible outcomes. Is the risk worth it? Risks and accidents correspond with each other. When you are out in the wild stay safe, rescue may not be possible.

Share your love of the outdoors with a friend. Being in the wild with another , sharing your knowledge is a great way to build relationships. I took my children out in the wild and taught them my skills. I also have brought troubled young men out in the wild. Get a few tough guys out in the wild and see just how tough they are. Learning to survive builds character and values.
Slow down. Nature teaches patience. Take time to fully enjoy your experience. Try to go for at least 5 days. It usually takes around two days to let go of the trappings of the material world. Then three days to enjoy the experience and appreciate the surroundings. Buy the sixth day you may be ready to go home depending how rough the trip has been.

One Arm Don

One Arm Don

That is all I have for now,

One Arm Don

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