Annual $150 ES Sticker challenge

You are hereby challenged. Accept and you could win the $150 sticker challenge at Are you ready?

The rules for the 2014 Extremely-Sharp Sticker Challenge are simple. Place the Extremely-Sharp ninja star sticker in a creative place and take a picture. We will have several winners for individual products, viagra 100mg & one $150 grand prize winner for best overall.

Extremely-Sharp sticker contest

You can order the sticker on our website for only $1. Or if you place an order over $40 before December 15, nurse 2014, we will include a sticker for FREE!

Grand prize: $150 credit to!  Get your dream wish list and then some!

Runner up prizes include:
1. Most Rugged: Put your sticker in the toughest place you can find! The winner will receive the Black Pearl Survival Knife!

Get this Extremely-Sharp Survival sticker for only $1 at | Nuclear symbol 3" circle 2. Most Extreme: Can you find the most risky, adventurous spot to place your sticker? The winner will get the Apache Self Defense Push Dagger!

3. Most Formal: Don’t be scared to show off that sticker in a business meeting! Find the sharpest place to show your sticker and you could win a Slim Silver Pen Knife!

4. Most Visible: Let the world see you’re sharp. The best location for the most visible spot receives Batman Shuriken Throwing Stars!

The Trailblazer sticker from is only $1 and could help you win the #ESstickerChallenge 5: Most Beautiful: We know the sticker is beautiful already but you could compliment it with placing it in a gorgeous area for eyes to see! The most glamorous sticker wins the Titanium Butterfly Spring Assistant Knife!

Need inspiration?  We are posting some of the photos on the blog in the coming months and will also post them on Pinterest with hashtag: #EsStickerChallenge

This will be an annual competition!  You can also submit your picture for next years competition as well. Deadline for entries in 2014 will be December 10th.

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