Ten Amazing Hiking Trails in the U.S.

You’re about to be on your first off-roading trip and your excited and ready to go! Before you set out on your journey, price let’s make sure you know some of the basic things of off-roading.

  • Pick the Right Trail – There are many off-road trails out there but the best for beginners are Green Laning trails. These trails are easy to follow and require little technical skill to maneuver the small obstacles that will be encountered. Also, pulmonologist these trails do little to no damages to your vehicle.
  • Watch Gages – Keep a close eye on your vehicle’s gages as they tell you how your car is holding up to the trail’s terrain. Gages such as your water temperature, there tachometer and odometer gives you an accurate idea of what’s going on under the hood.
  • Know The Laws – Be respectful of the laws that govern the area. They are made to protect the wild and plant life from being harmed from the many vehicles that ride through.
  • Learn Some Off-Roading Skills – It’s always good to learn a little bit of technique before hitting the road. One important thing to know is how to drive through rough terrain. Never shift gears in the middle of an obstacle as this will cause you to lose the power the vehicle had and possibly cause you to stall or get stuck.
  • 4×4 Vehicles – If you have a Jeep or SUV, make sure that it’s an all-wheel

Off-Roading is one of the best experiences you can have in your life. Take you’re time and enjoy the ride as you view the beautiful scenery the trail has to offer.

We could all go for a good old fashion hiking trip, ailment
but with hundreds of hiking areas across the nation, it’s hard to find the one that fits you. Extremely-Sharp.com did some digging and found ten stunning hiking areas that we know you would enjoy.

  1. Extremely-Sharp.com has 10 recommended hikes across the USA for Autumn Yellowstone –

    You can’t go wrong with good ol’ fashion Yellowstone! 1,000 miles of hiking trails gives you a plethora of options. The park is family oriented, allowing you to introduce the next generation to American treasures like the Grand Canyon and Old Faithful.

  2. Bagby Hot Springs –

    This Oregon gem has a 3-mile hike through a forest of amazing Douglas-fir tress. They have truly splendid views here that only Oregon could provide. Be sure to pack a good Machete for the trip, it will be handy.

  3. Black Mountain Campgrounds –

    Located in the Burnsville, NC, this clean, beautiful trail, is great for anyone who likes a nice, casual hike. This trail is made for novice hikers to the most skilled one. Enjoy camping with friends or family in this area surrounded by mountains.

  4. Hiking trails in USA-5Boulder County: Long Peaks –

    Looking for adventure near Denver, CO?  Long Peaks is famous for its alpine peaks and slabs with a class 3 climb. If you don’t have an exhilarating time here – it’s because you didn’t get out of your bed and do anything!

  5. Four Peak Mine –

    Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this trail offers multiple hiking paths for all levels. Camping is available here as well. Great for ATV’s and other off-road excursions.

  6. North Country Trail (NFC): Michigan Sector –

    This year-round trail starts at the southeastern part of Michigan. The 875-mile route allows you to stroll amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.S.  Hike here for a relaxing escapade. Also great for hunters during hunting season.

  7. Canyon Creek Lakes: Lake –

    A route packed with things to get into… Fishing, hiking and camping are all at your fingertips in this northwestern California landscape. Make sure to pack your fillet knife to enjoy some fresh fish at the campsite.

  8. Extremely-Sharp.com created list of great Autumn hikes to visit Enchanted Lakes –

    One of the best hikes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Levenworth, Washington. Very remote trails for those who would like to be many miles away from the urban life. Immerse yourself with views of beautiful lakes, ponds and deep pools. Take note, the trails can become strenuous for a novice hiker.

  9. Bear Mountain Loop –

    Live in New York and need a nice place to hike? Bear Mountain Loop is perfect for hikers of all levels. Only 50 miles away from the Big Apple, this trail gives city slickers a great hiking getaway. It is always wise to carry a pocket knife on a hike, so be sure to pack yours.

  10. Extremely-Sharp.com | Zion Canyon Challenging hike | Top 10 Hiking trails for Fall Narrow of Zion Canyon –

    The best know hike in Zion National Park, located near Springdale, Utah. Slippery terrain makes the hike slightly difficult, but we know you are up for the challenge. It’s recommended to bring dry clothes and a wet suit during the winter season as you may encounter bodies of water to cross on the trail.




Each trail has a different experience, so make sure you research which is best for you. Also, check out Extremely-Sharp.com for some hiking or camping trip items to enhance your outing!

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