Dove Hunting – Tips To Enjoy The Season

As the square field turns amber gold in the morning sun, physiotherapist the summer heat’s gone and the atmosphere fills with chilly winds, hemophilia we know it’s hunting season again. For avid hunters, the hunting season has not started until some water hole has been staked and a few doves have been bagged.

It is now dove season all over the country. Dove breasts are mouth-watering, tasty morsels – well worth planning a hunting trip to experience.

Duck Dynasty Dove Hunting Humor

“Doves are the filet mignon of the sky”

Great dove hunting is a combination of mild, fresh early-season weather, minimal gear needed and generous bag limits. Some hunters use Dove season as beginner practice – that will ease them into heavier sports such as deer or elk hunting.

Below is an overview of this great sport and how to best enjoy it.


First Of All, The Basics:

  • Keep in mind: Successful hunting of dove requires time spent on three key things: studying doves, scouting and practice shooting.
  • Primary requirements: Hunting license and Permit, a shotgun, some shotgun shells, a place to hunt and some hunting gear to clean your birds afterward.
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    You might want to add a chair, an orange vest, and some beef jerky.

  • The process: Understanding Doves: A lot of wing-shooting guides will tell you that they’re eaters of seeds and grains with a pretty habitual life pattern. Shortly after dawn, doves fly from their night roost to a close watering hole, then quickly shoot for feeding areas and stay there till midday. With this in mind, scouting is much more breezy and directed. Once the doves are scouted and identified, you can easily pick a nice spot to hide yourself and start hunting. *Note that most dove hunters like to wait for their target to come within 25 to 35 feet before taking a shot, so consider this when you choose your spot as well.
  • Scouting fields: You might want to try out several potential hunting sites to see which one is more promising. You can visit them before season opens and watch the doves throughout the day to mark when and where they’re flying.
  • Strategies: There are different methods on how you can hunt doves (hunting will also Dove hunting humordepends on the location you’re in). The most commonly used strategies in dove hunting are scouting, camouflage, blinds and using decoys.
  • Safety precautions: Always pay attention to others and to yourself while on the field, never aim lower than 45 degree. Also watch out for snakes, insects and bad weather.

How To Make The Best Out Of Your Time Dove Hunting?

  • Bring plenty of shot-shells, water, snacks, a radio and seat for the breaks between shoots.
  • Take a child, give him or her a light shotgun and some beginner lessons and you’ll get yourself a partner for many seasons to come. Or bring along family members. This may require planning, but early-season hunting will bring fresh air and relaxing outdoors time for the entire family.
  • Kids across America dove hunt | Dove Hunting Inspiration | You can also invite some friends for a memorable and social dove shoot.
  • End the day with a meal and some ice-cold beer straight out of your cooler. Hopefully this is a time of lots of bird cleaning. Remember to bring the gear you’ll need to clean your prizes.
  • Keep in mind that it’s an experience, whether you go home with full, stuffed bags or light ones, it’s supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time. Even if you don’t limit out every time, remember the stories and good talks that happen as you wait for your next shoot.



Happy Dove Hunting!

Dove Hunting Season Tips to Enjoy with Friends and Family



What is your first time dove hunting like?  Let us know in the comment box below!


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